Yvonne Koné

Accessories designer Yvonne Koné knows that a colourful accessory can change your whole look. That means she has to get the colours of her bags and shoes just right; natural daylight is vital to this process. The ideal interaction of colour, texture, and shape can’t be achieved without a clear visual. Light-filled spaces ensure that every beautiful detail is visible.

Colour is only as good as the light in which you view it, and a studio space is only as fresh as the air you let into it.

Moment of truth

Natural light is essential for accurately representing colours and details

Artificial light does not provide the same benefits as natural light

Roof windows provide double the amount of daylight as facade windows

Light inspiration

“When there is no natural light, everything feels a bit more dull. When there is natural light, there’s a joy in just sitting and watching the reflections from the window move across the floor.”

- Yvonne Koné

Against the wall

Keeping colour swatches on the wall makes it possible to see each unique shade, creating a stunning spectrum of hues. Watch the light dance against the wall as the sun moves throughout the day; pay attention to how the colours change as the light does.

The air up there

An attic with angled walls doesn’t have to feel small; bring in the light and suddenly the world unfolds. Add a dose of fresh air from an open roof window for a room that’s connected to nature while still controlled.

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