The Perssons

Kids are full of energy; providing them with the right environment to use that energy, to recharge, and to learn, is what makes your space into a family-friendly home.

Whether you have young kids who just want to play, or older kids who need a balance of play and work, creating a house that’s filled with light and fresh air lets you focus on the really important things: the time you spend together.

Moment of truth

Adequate daylight boosts both physical and mental wellbeing

Having enough natural light can enhance learning by up to 15%

Roof windows provide double the amount of daylight as facade windows

Playtime improved

The Northern European weather can make it hard to play outdoors every day. Instead, make sure that you bring the feeling of outdoor freedom inside with crisp air and lots of light.

Learn more, learn better

If you can’t focus, you can’t learn. Fresh air and natural daylight make it easier to focus and retain information. When it’s time to settle down and do work or schoolwork, why not make it as enjoyable as possible?

Family time

Watching a movie, doing a puzzle, eating a meal together; these are the moments you’ll remember. Make sure you can see them perfectly with natural light.

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