Søren Rose

Architect and designer Søren Rose knows all about finding the right light. It’s an essential part of being able to design properly; the way you create a building or room is dependent upon the light that that will be available.

For Rose, minimalism doesn’t mean subtlety; his designs demand attention with their clean, strong lines and texture. For him, natural light is an essential for exploring his work - nothing else provides the accuracy of colour and detail.

A light and airy space provides a sense of comfort and inspiration. Without it, a studio is nothing more than a dark, stale room. With it, the possibilities are endless.

Moment of truth

Natural light is essential for accurately representing colours and details

Exposure to natural light can significantly boost mood

Fresh air has been shown to positively benefit the body and mind

Creating Space

“It’s one thing to bring the light in, but [with roof windows] you also create a spaciousness. It appears to be a much bigger space because there are all these windows and you have a view….It does solve [the] other requirements for a good work environment.”

- Søren Rose, “Home, Improved” VELUX podcast.

The Right Light

The weather in Northern Europe can change in a moment, from bright skies to rain clouds. This means that it is essential to optimise light in your space. Like a burst of creativity, you never know how long it will be around, so enjoy it while you can.

The Light Above

Imagine how much more clear things could be if you were surrounded by light. Roof windows make it possible to bring in light from above. A visionary moment? A moment to meditate and reflect? Just look up.

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