Andrea Theodora

One of the ways Andrea Theodora enjoys her indoor space is by staying active with yoga. Through creating a climate controlled environment, she’s able to benefit her mind and body in multiple ways, including the mood-boosting effects of fresh air and natural light.

From a morning of dynamic movement to an evening of quiet reflection, the way light and air are welcomed into a space makes all the difference.

Living in a small space with roof windows means that light can be harsh; using exterior heat protection makes it possible and shutters makes it possible to enjoy the light when desired, soften it when it feels too strong, and block it out entirely when it’s time to rest. When you decide what kind of light and heat control you’ll need for your space, you’ll know how to dress your roof window.

Moment of truth

Blocking out light entirely enhances sleep and promotes a consistent daily rhythm

Climate control is essential to a healthy indoor environment

Indoor environments are up to 5 times more polluted than the outdoors, so bringing fresh air inside is vital

Light on demand

“Blinds and shutters are a life-changer. When I’m tired, I prefer a room with absolutely no light. The first thing I do when I wake up is to roll up my blinds and open the window to catch some fresh [air]. When the sun is shining outside and you can hear the birds singing, it’s the best start to the day!”

- Andrea Theodora

Enjoy soft light

Heat protection may not sound romantic, but in fact it can allow you to control the intensity of the light in your space and means that you can let the light shine bright, or enjoy a softer light diffused throughout your home.

A great night of sleep

How do you ensure the perfect night of sleep? It may not be possible to guarantee but managing the heat and light in the bedroom is the first step to making sure you’re well-rested in the morning.

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